Commercial Driving License (Meirapróf)

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  1. All lessons are conducted in English. Students are required to be fluent in English.
  2. At the beginning of school students have to pay the school fee according to the school tariff. Included are theory and practical lessons conducted in accordance with the curriculum and the use of a car in the practical exam. Other costs such as application for a new driver’s license at “Sýslumaðurinn” as well as theory and practical exams conducted by Frumherji have to be paid by the students separately.
  3. Students will be provided with study materials in English (handouts).
  4. Minimum attendance to theory lessons is 80% but 100% to practical lessons.
  5. Practical lessons can start after the student has finished his basic studies and passed his school examination and the ÖR examination at Frumherji. Students have to inform the school when they have passed the ÖR examination. The teacher for the practical lessons will contact the student. When depends on how many students are waiting at any given time. All communications in the practical lessons will be in English so the student will have to be able to speak English fluently. It is not possible to have an interpreter present in either the practical lessons or the examination.
  6. Theory exams at the school and at Frumherji are in English. Students can ask to have an interpreter in the theory exams but he/she has to be qualified as such and has to be able to prove that before the exam begins. Such exams have to be booked separately.
  7. If a student fails the exam he may try again in a week´s time. The school does not require a payment for retakes of theory exams but Frumherji charges for retakes.
  8. If a student fails at a practical exam he may try again in a week´s time. Before that the student will have to take an additional lesson or lessons; how many depends on the outcome of the failed exam. The student will have to pay the school for the lessons and use of the car in the exam. Frumherji requires a payment for the retake in accordance with their tariff.


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  • Courses will be available again in Fall 2022.

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  • Attention! Practical driving hours are only taught on weekdays during daytime working hours.
    The driving license fee at sýslumaður and the security test fee at Frumherji are not included in the price.


Attention: Practical driving hours are only taught on weekdays during daytime working hours.

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